Locations for Dinner (7pm)

Please Call Chuck if you are coming to dinner 608-512-3875
5/14/2015        Bancock Thai in Mashpee 
5/21/2015        BBC in Falmouth Heights  
5/28/2015        Crabapple's in Falmouth  
6/4/2015          Jimmy Brown’s Falmouth
6/11/2015        ASIA Mashpee    
6/18/2015        Stone L'Oven in Falmouth
6/25/2015        Chapoquoit Grill in West Falmouth
7/2/2015          Sunset Grill in Bourne



The purpose of the Falmouth Gay Men's Social Group is to provide social opportunities where gay men feel safe, understood, and supported. We hope to create an environment where friendship can develop in a location in which feeling accepted and connected can be a challenge.


We meet weekly at 7pm for dinner at a local restaurant.  Dinner locations are listed for the upcoming three weeks on the website.  During dinner, ideas and plans for social events are shared and finalized.  


Please drop by for dinner or just a drink and conversation!


If you have questions about our group you can always call (508) 801-7375 for more information (ask for Mark) or send us an email @ gmsg.falmouth@hotmail.com